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V2 Vertx®

Patented, innovative and a superior micro-cig experience.

The essence behind this product’s original name, V2 “Edge”, was to develop a product that re-invented the “micro-cig” category, which for many years went without any significant improvements within the E-Cigarette industry.

In early 2014, we were tasked with re-engaging our loyal customer base of traditional micro e-cigarettes through the creation of a product that would create synergy amongst the avid micro form factor device users in the industry. The fundamental idea behind the “Edge” was to re-design a product to have the bells and whistles of what has been demanded by the market in features such as variable voltage and maximum power.The result was a unique form factor with a clever restructuring of internal components to allow for a high-powered device with maximum user control.

The idea behind the product initiated what we claimed to be the “re-invention” of the micro-cig. During the development of the product, we incorporated sophisticated technology for the device in new ways the market has yet to see in any e-cigarette product and in the smallest and most unique form factor possible.

Extensive engineering time was spent working with industry leading micro-component manufacturers such as MicroChip, and Texas Instruments to develop and accomplish a unique application in a capacitive touch sensor panel for a unique variable control application.

Our mechanical engineering challenges included developing a unique internal structure in a parallel PCB and LITHO battery cell arrangement; unique to the industry, which allowed us to make significant improvements to size and space accommodations for components resulting in a exceptionally small device packing notable power and functionality improvements to the product.

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