Turning good ideas into great products

Great products begin with a study of behaviors, cultures, and unmatched product innovation. From user experience to consumer behavior we develop a personalized approach for each project in order to design successful strategies, insights, and innovative solutions for our clients.

Unique product design requires key points of differentiation when bringing new products to market. We account for key principles such as consumer behavior and social trends to deliver actionable product and integrated solutions.

Developing practical solutions intended for mass production is critical for feasible product development. We combine design and engineering concurrently to create products that are aesthetic, functional, reliable, and manufacturing ready.


An understanding of the current market, a study of contextual influences and consumer behaviors, as well stakeholder insights help us understand how each product affects all aspects of our client's business.


Through qualitative and quantitative research and evaluation methods we formulate specific ideas which fuel innovative concepts that are brought to life through 3D visualization to arrive at a viable solution.


We take into account aspects of the product such as it's visual brand language as it pertains to the client, form exploration and design functionality, converging on a focused end product that provides points of differentiation and value for a lasting impression.


Providing intuitive interactions and meaningful relationships between people and the products and services is crucial to the development of a successful product. Through a study of underlying workflows and information management we develop wireframes, usability testing, and final design documentation.


Rapid prototyping is accomplished through 3D printing for feature validation right up to tooling production. We provide our clients with a framework for developing their product. Our documentation captures the major system design details, communication design intent and a comprehensive manufacturing evaluation as well as manufacturing specification drawings.