A Passionate Pursuit
to become an Industry Powerhouse for Visual Design.

My passion and expertise is in the areas of 3D animation, advertisement, content management, and brand development for all companies requiring an impactful identity and digital footprint. This includes comprehensive design solutions in marketing, new product design and engineering, user experience and interface design, brand identity and corporate story development.

Quite simply I help companies prepare for a digital first world.

From strategy and research marketing to content creation and interactive experiences, I will help you prepare for an impactful digital presence. I start all of our projects by positioning my clients for the right audience, learning how to communicate their unique value, and finding market opportunities, all to achieve sustainable growth for their business.

I then efficiently execute on a plan, by removing the boundaries between branding, marketing, advertising and tech through an experienced and passionate approach.


A brand is more than a logo. It's an opportunity to communicate to your audience and tell your story. I take an integrated approach to digital advertising and marketing, guided by research, to blend compelling content, social media, SEO and website optimization to achieve my clients success.


With a comprehensive approach to the design of consumer products from ideation to conception, I bridge the gap between the imagined and created. My unique formula of strategy, concept, IP protection and development allows me to create brands from their core focusing on their product.


Engaging a target audience requires development across a multitude of digital platforms. My video and animation capabilities along with my print, web, and app development expertise allows me to manage the process from concept to end product. My design execution seamlessly integrates into all forms of media as part of a marketing campaign.

Why Work With Me?

Modify Ordinary To Create Extraordinary

I own and operate a freelance agency, MODOFIDE™ LLC., servicing several clients in distinct industries. The name MODOFIDE™ is derived from the latin words "Modo Fidem" meaning "Faith Way". My core principles revolve around this single motto. Rather it be in life by honoring God first or with my clients in the way I conduct business. My goal for my company is to bridge the gap between my clients success and the creative ingenuity necessary for growing their own companies. I execute my vision with honesty, integrity and an unmatched passion for my clients success.